3 Point Stole Ladies


The Ladies 3 point Stole is narrower than the regular 3 point stole and can also be worn by men. It is a very popular stole used by some priests and ministers when celebrating communion. They are available in all liturgical colours and the embroidery can be chosen from our embroidery library.

Prices are according to stitch count of embroidery.

Stole From R 1,535

Reversible From R 2,300

Length from shoulder: 133cm.

Lead time 4 – 6 weeks



Please select an embroidery style for your garment – refer to Embroidery


3 Point Stole Ladies


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Red, Green, Purple, Cream, White, Other

Reversible Option

Reversible A: R 2300, Reversible B: R 2800, Reversible C: R 3485

Category A

Sunburst Cross, IHS Open, IHS Closed, Lalique Cross, Praying Hands, African Geometric Cross, Chalice and Grapes, African Pastoral, Gold Cross, Alpha and Omega, Closed Alpha and Omega

Category B

Iona Cross, Chi Rho, Spirit Dove, Ornate Full Panel, Crown of Glory \ Thorns, Ethnic with Paper Cross Applique, Hands, Flames and Doves, Grapes and Wheat

Category C

African Block Cross, Celtic Cross, Dove and Flames, Boats and Fishes, African Shield


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