African Praise vestments stand apart from others, with our use of lightweight fabrics in the four liturgical colours with varying symbolic themes.

We make to order and design our vestments according to our customer’s needs. Customers choose the vestment, the colour and the design and we put it together for them.

Our seamstresses and all in the production process take personal pride in the quality of the African Praise vestments and garments that they produce.

  • Chasuble and Stole Sets
  • Stoles
  • Copes, Mitres and Humeral Veils
  • Dalmatics and Tunicles

Chasuble and Stole Sets

We have a “one size fits all” Chasuble and Stole pattern. We shorten the pattern for those who are under 1.65m tall. We now offer a rolled collar option.


We have a wide range of Stoles available. All Stoles can be made reversible. We make 2 point, 3 point, deacons’ and preaching Stoles. 3 point Stoles are very popular and are used by some priests and ministers when celebrating communion. 2 point Stoles come with a Chasuble but can be purchased separately. A Deacon’s Stole is worn over the left shoulder and meets on the right hip. Preaching Stoles are normally black but can be made in other colours.

Copes, Mitres and Humeral Veils

Made to order, using various fabrics and embroidery designs. We have a standard pattern for these items but adjust the measurements where necessary.

Classic Copes, Mitres and Humeral Veils



     4 Seasons Cope



Dalmatics and Tunicles

These are made to order.