Garments and Robes

African Praise Garments and Robes are designed with Africa in mind. They are made from lightweight fabrics and are not lined.

We have a large range of garments and robes but can tailor make if we have a sample or pattern of the design you want.

  • Cassock, Cincture and Cassock Cape
  • Surplice
  • Alb and Amice
  • Chalb and Girdle
  • Rochet & Chemiere
  • Clerical Gown
  • Cloak

Cassock and Cincture

The African Praise Cassock has a simple yet classic line. The standard colour is black but other colours can be made to order. Cassocks can be made with a different colour piping. Cinctures are made to order with or without fringe. Cassock Capes are made to order with or without piping.

Surplice and Cotta

Surplices are made with or without lace on the hemline. We also make a Cotta with a square yoke.

Alb and Amice

Our African Praise Alb is a simple design with a shoulder zip, it has a fixed pleat front and back. The Amice can be plain or embroidered with a small cross.

Chalb and Girdle

The Chalb has a bigger collar with a short neck zip. Our Girdles come in various colors – see accessories. They come in 4 meter lengths, and colors in  long and are available in white.

Chimere and Rochet

The Chimere is worn by the Bishops. It is traditionally coloured scarlet or black, although some bishops have innovated a purple Chimere. The wrist-bands of the bishop’s Rochet typically match the colour of the Chimere.

Clerical Robe

We have a standard Clerical Robe but on order we can supply more elaborate Robes.


We make a warm brushed Melton black Cloak for those cold early mornings.