Altar Items

All our altar furnishings and linen conform to our high standards. We can make anything you require, with custom embroidery if desired.

Altar Furnishings

  • Altar Frontals
  • Altar Strips
  • Pulpit Falls
  • Banners

Altar Linen

  • Burses & Veils
  • Corporals
  • Purificators
  • Lavabo Towels
  • Palls

Altar Frontals

Altar Frontals are made to order, according to the size of the altar, and the embroidery design chosen.

Altar Strips

Altar Strips, usually up to a metre wide, are an alternative to full altar frontals. They are made in the four liturgical colours with embroidery designs of your choice.

Pulpit Falls

Pulpit Falls are made to order according to the size, colour and embroidery design of your choice.


Banners are made to order.

Burses and Veils

Burses and Veils can be made to match vestments ordered, or can be made with a cross embroidered on them which would match vestments you may already have. They are made in the four liturgical colours. The Burse is 22cm x 22cm and the Veil is 55cm x 55cm.


A Corporal is a square white linen cloth, with an embroidered cross at its centre and is opened on the altar for the communion sevice. It serves as a “placemat” for the chalice. African Praise Corporals are made from 100% linen, have a decorative hem and measure approx. 55cm x 55cm.


Purificators are used to wipe the chalice during the Eucharist/Communion. They have a cross embroidered in the centre, a decorative hem and are made from absorbent 100% cotton/linen. Measurement is approx. 30cm x 30cm.

Lavabo Towels

A Lavabo Towel is used to dry the Minister’s hands before the commencement of the Communion. We have two types of Lavabo Towels, one is made from 100% cotton huckerback and measures approx. 29cm x 45cm. with a gold cross embroidered near the one edge. The second one is made from linen and measures 35cm x 55cm, also with an embroidered cross on one end.


Palls are used to cover the chalice at the Eucharist. Our Palls consist of a plastic inner square, covered with coarse white cotton or linen, with a white embroidered symbol in the centre. There is no need to remove the inner plastic square to wash the Pall.