Vestment Bags


  • Mitres
  • Birettas
  • Zucchetto
  • Other headwear


Travelling Stole


Vestment Bags

African Praise vestment bags are made in cotton fabric and are also available in showerproof fabric. They measure 1.7m long and 75cm wide with a long zip for easy access. A vestment bag is an essential accessory if you move around with your robes and vestments.


Bishops mitres are made to order according to head measurement and choice of embroidered design


Made to order according to head size and colour.


Sometimes called skullcaps, are available in black satin or black textured fabric, as well as bishop’s cerise. Other colours can be ordered.

Other headwear

Different styles of hats suitable for choirs, bands or other church groups can be provided according to your needs.


A Crozier or Pastoral Staff is the staff of the Bishop.

Travelling Stole

The travelling stole is reversible, with a gold cross embroidery and comes with a pouch. Dimension: 1.5m long and 5cm wide.



Our Girdles come in various colors as listed below and are 4 meters long. The White Girdle also comes in a length of 4.5 meters.

White Girdle Length: 4 and 4.5 meters

Green Girdle Length: 4 meters

Black Girdle Length: 4 meters

Girdle Cream Length: 4 meters

Gold Girdle Length: 4 meters

Purple Girdle Length: 4 meters

Red Girdles Length: 4 meters