Who we are

God had other plans

jotrevJo and her late husband Trevor Tyers were both born in Cape Town. Their families have lived in South Africa since the 1880s. When they were married in 1967, Jo was a teacher and Trevor a business man, but God had other plans.

Trevor was ordained in the Anglican Church in 1983 followed by Jo 15 years on.

After serving in parish and school ministries happily for a number of years Trevor and Jo explored new opportunities to serve the Christian Church. This led to the birth of African Praise in 2003.

Since then the enterprise has grown rapidly particularly in Southern Africa and the UK.
In 2011 Neil, Jo and Trevor’s son, joined African Praise to manage the day to day operation of the business.

Social Responsibility

We believe that in our business we need to be socially and morally responsible.


Our products are “fairly” made, in that we and our suppliers adhere to all the labour laws and other conditions pertinent to employing people in this country.

The majority of people employed by us and our suppliers are women. We try to make sure that the work we create is and remains sustainable even as our business grows.